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 Shadowland et les Wraith

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MessageSujet: Shadowland et les Wraith   Sam 25 Aoû 2012 - 10:38

Lexique des Morts
(tiré de Oblivion)
The power of the Shadow.

Arcanum, The:
A dangerous group of mortal occult investigators.

An object that has been changed to hold mystical powers.

Byway: un peut comme un moon path
Paths through the Tempest that are relatively "safe" to travel.

Caul: le cocon extoplasmique que les mort son «harvester»
An ectoplasmic covering that shields newly-dead wraiths. In some ways, it serves to protect, but it warps perception until it removed.

Charon: depuis la deuxième guerre mondial
The founder of the Hierarchy. He has been missing for decades.

Circle: un genre de pack, cotterie
A group of wraiths, typically banding together for mutual protection.

An individual stronghold within a Necropolis.

A Circle of Hierarchy wraiths.

Corpus: le corp d'un fantome
The spiritual body of a wraith.

Any one of hundreds of a Heretic sect who espouses a particular path to Transcendence.

Deathlord: ou DOMINUS
One of the seven leaders of the Hierarchy. They dwell in Stygia.

Territory held by a wraith or group of wraiths.

Doomsday: l'appocalypse des fantome
The day when Oblivion shall consume all reality. Alternately, when all the dead shall walk the earth.

Drone: l'harano des wraith mais qui ne mène pas a la mort et est incurable
A wraith who has lost its sentience and identity.

Enfant : un mortel qui vien de mourir.. un cub quoi
A recently-deceased wraith. Enfants are amnesiac, and their Cauls still cover their faces.

Far Shores, The: les différent Paradi des différente culture/religion
Distant, mysterious realms within the Tempest. They often correspond to mortal beliefs about the afterlife.

Fetters: souvent un objet qui peut être hanté(peut être aussi une personne)
The ties that bind a wraith to his old life, and to the living world.

A Circle of Renegade wraiths.

Guild: les camp ou tribu des wraith qui son aujourd'hui dissou
In the past, an organization that taught the secrets of an Arcanos. The guilds were disbanded long ago.

Harrowing, The:
A nightmare experienced when lost in the Tempest. Harrowings are extremely dangerous, injurious experiences.

Harvest: l'action de libèrer un fantome de son cocon
To gather the newly dead, either as Reaper, mentor, or slave trader.

Haunt: un espèce de trod a fantome ou une caern
A place in the Shadowlands where the energy of death is strong. It is easier to affect the living realm when in a Haunt.

Hierarchy, The: la socièté fantôme
The largest organization of wraiths in the Underworld. It was founded by Charon years ago as a means to help wraiths reach Transcendence. Over the years it grew twisted and corrupt.

Heretics: les renegat.. ceux qui se soulève contre la Hiérarchie
Those who believe another, better afterlife awaits those who Transcend.

Any of countless realms claiming to be the "true" Hell. There are so many of these that they are collectively referred to as "The Thousand Hells," or simply, "The Thousand."

Host: une personne qui est possèder
A mortal possessed by the use of Puppetry.

The army, police, and enforcement arm of the Hierarchy.

Lemure: un genre de cliath
A young wraith, only recently deceased.

Intensely powerful and destructive storms that occasionally emerge from the Tempest and ravage the Shadowlands.

An elder Spectre or beast of the Void.

A stygian artifact worn by many wraiths, to conceal their true identity, or as a badge of office.

A city of the dead. Necropoli reflect the cities of the living world, and occupy the same geography in the Shadowlands.

Mages who have turned to Oblivion.

Pits or cracks in the Shadowlands that lead into the Tempest.

The negation of all things. Oblivion is that which wraiths fear most. The Void is its physical manifestation (or lack thereof).

The basic currency of the Underworld. The coins are forged from the souls of the dead.

Pathos: «gnosis»
Emotion. Pathos is the "food" of the spirit world.

Plasm: ceci peut être fondu et reforger (permanent)
The ectoplasmic substance that makes up the bodies of the wraiths and all their belongings.

Living travelers in the Shadowlands.

Quick, The:
A term for the living.

The wraith who removes the Caul from an Enfant.

Relic: uun objets qui as causé une grande émotion et qui fut détruit ou entérer
An object brought into the Shadowlands from the living world.

Wraiths who have banded together to overthrow the Hierarchy. Their individual motivations vary wildly.

Restless, The:
A term for the dead.

Shadow, The:
The darker half of a wraith's personality. Shadows differ on an individual basis, but all seek to take total control of their wraith and cause him to embrace Oblivion.

The part of the earth that most wraiths inhabit. Only here can wraiths attempt to affect the living world.

Slumber, The:
The sleep cycle of a wraith, entered in order to heal, among other reasons.

A wraith whose Shadow has become dominant.

The largest realm in the Underworld, and home to the Hierarchy's ultimate rulers.

Tempest, The:
The eternal storm of the Underworld. It hinders travel between the different realms and the Shadowlands.

Small, relatively safe realms in the Tempest where travelers may rest during journeys.

Any wraith enslaved to another.

The amount of Pathos due a wraith from a haunt or Fetter.

To leave the Underworld completely, and move onto whatever lies beyond. Many wraiths consider Transcendence to be a cruel myth.

Underworld, The:
The land of the dead. It includes the Shadowlands, the Tempest, and all the realms therein.

Void, The:
The total nothingness at the very heart of the Tempest. See also Oblivion.

A spirit of one who has died, yet remains attached to the living realm.

Old Form:

Powerful wraiths belonging to any Heretic cult, dedicated to the recruitment of souls or a realm in the Far Shores . They are persecuted and hunted by the Hierarchy.

Agency, The:
Archaic nickname for the bureaucracy of the Hierarchy.

Arisen, The:
Those who have achieved Transcendence.

The host possessed by Puppetry.

The enlightened, higher aspect of personality. It is opposed to the Shadow.

A Fetter with extremely powerful ties to a wraith.

Onyx Tower , The:
Charon's palace. It is also used to describe the goal of becoming one of Charon's servants.

Vulgar Argot

Body Snatcher:
A wraith that possesses the living.

Boo Job:
An attempt to scare off the living, typically away from a haunt.

A generic word used to describe hostile creatures and/or those that dwell in the Tempest.
Brain Sucker:
A wraith who uses Phantasm or the lesser Puppetry arts.

The Tempest.

Slang term for a Spectre.

A wraith who was a hanger-on in life, who closely followed fashions and fads without real contribution.

Flesh Freak:
A derogatory term for a Skinrider.

Hellbound, The:
Term for a wraith thought to be well on his way to domination by his Shadow.


Mortal flesh.

The mortal body.

One who never fulfilled their dreams while living.

Derogatory term used for those who experienced the "tunnel of light" effect when they died.

Slang for a wraith that uses Phantasm frequently.

The living world.

Traveling through the Tempest.

Using Arcanos on other wraiths for practice or nonlethal duels.

Renegade lexicon

A Thought:
A circle of Idealists wraiths

A Cell:
A circle of Terrorists wraiths

A Murder:
A circle of Subversives wraiths

A Truth:
A test to prove your worth, and willingness to be a renegade.

A Lie:
Another test during recruitment.

A Boundman:[/b]
A Hierarchy wraith marked for destruction by a Murder.

A haunt belonging to a Cell/Murder/Thought of renegades.

Lost boy:
A renegade who has been caught by the Hierarchy and is marked for destruction for what he knows.

Aut pax aut bellum : Either peace or war
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Nombre de messages : 2273
Age : 42
Date d'inscription : 18/02/2007

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MessageSujet: Re: Shadowland et les Wraith   Sam 8 Sep 2012 - 9:47

Les Objets dans Shadowland..

The Soul
les âmes son le commencement et la fin des Shadowland. tout tourne autour des âmes...l'économie et les marché ce base sur le commerce des Âmes. Les Deathlord on décrété jadis que toute âmes (donc fantôme) qui était sans passion (drone) et sans émotion ou était contre productif (renegat) serait transformé pour servir le shadow land.

les âmes qui devinne des drônes son souvent capturer et amener a un ARTIFICIER qui utilisera un Cristal du Feu de l'âme (Soulfire) et le corpus de l'âme (du fantôme) deviandra plus maléable comme de la cire au soleil. une fois cette étape accomplie, l'Artificier faconera le corpus de l'Âme pour en faire un objet.. brisant a jamais l'Âme et la personalité de celui-ci ne reste qu'un faible échos.. un murmure de souffrance dans l'objet de la personnes ainsi transformé.

Stygiant Steel«fairy stuff version shadowland»
lorsque le besoin se resent, l'artificier peut faire une alliage d'âme et des minéreau des mort (Dead Ore) qui se retrouve dans les mine des Veinous Stair dushadowland (resemble au fer) ou qui son «pêcher» dans le Tempest... a des morceau de granule provenant du grand mur du labirythe. ce «méteaux» est indestructible et résiste au assaut du Vide (Oblivion)

Soul Steel
une âme qui fut forger et a la quel on as rien ajouter comme minairai, c'est un objet fait de plasme pure.

une relic est un objets qui fut dans le monde...matériel détruit ou enterrer. plus l'objet a sue créer autour de lui une forte émotion, plus il sera résistant et durrera plus longtemps dans shadowland avant se dissoudre dans l'oublie du Vide (Oblivion).

Artéfacte (Fétish)
Ce son des relique ou des objets qui on été forger dans lequel y est investie un grand pouvoir... les artéfacte s ne se dissoue pas dans l'oublie du vide. Le Graal, Excalibure, la Guillotine de la révolution francaise son des Artefacte. Plus l'âme est puissante plus les chance son élever de créer un artefacte.

Aut pax aut bellum : Either peace or war
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Nombre de messages : 2273
Age : 42
Date d'inscription : 18/02/2007

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Breed: Homid Homid
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Tribes: Fianna Fianna

MessageSujet: Re: Shadowland et les Wraith   Sam 8 Sep 2012 - 10:29

La Socièté des Shadowland

La Hiérarchie
«We are in a War for the sake of all that exist, and we don't have the luxury of dissent. If you're not whit us, you're against us, and if you're against us, you're working for Oblivion.» --- Genevieve Buck, Anacreon of Violence, Manchester Nécropolis

Tout comme dans Pénumbra, les Shadowland son un mirroir du monde Réel, chaque grande villes a sa version Nécropolis, la pluspart des village avec une riche histoire on aussi leur manifestation dans les Shadowland. si une personne meurt a Londre, sa «naissance fantômatique» se produira dans la Nécropole de Londre.

La pluspart des Shadowland son sous la domination de la Hiérarchie (qui fut fondé par Charon pour aider les âmes immortel a transander vers leur paradis respectif) les Duc ou les grand manitou de la Hiérarchie son nommer les Deathlord (aussi appeler Dominus) chacun dirige une des 8 Légions.

Diriger par Quiet Lord sur le Trone du Silence, elle est constituer des Victime du Désespoire

Diriger par Beggard Lord sur le Trone d'Or, elle est constituer des Victime de Mort Inexpliqué ou Mystérieuse

Diriger par Emerald Lord sur le Trone d'Épine, elle est constituer des Victime du Hazard

Diriger par Smiling Lord sur le Trone des Eaux Brulante, elle est constituer des Victime de la Violence

Diriger par Ashen Lady sur le Trone d'Ombre, elle est constituer des Victime de la Vieillesse

Diriger par Laughing Lady sur le Trone du Secours, elle est constituer des Victime de la folie

Diriger par Skeletal Lord sur le Trone du Poussière, elle est constituer des Victime du Maladie

Diriger par Ladies of Fat sur le Trone du Destin, elle est constituer des Victime que le Destin a marqué pour elle (style Dark Fate)

Les Castes de la Hiérarchie
Charon a basé sa socièté un peut comme était a l'époque la République Romaine vers le III ou II siècles avant JC (voir Organigrame ci Joins),

Donc un «citoyer» des Shadowland est considérer dans le corp civique jusqu'a ce que ses actions ou qu'il est la chance d'être «harvester» par un agent des différents parti politique (Religieux,Plebéins ou Patricien)

Le Caste des Patricien vient des «familles» de la haute société de la Nécropole de Styrgia (la Capital si on veut des Shadowland) Chaque famille Patricienne a leur Moisoneur d'Âme (harvester) qui sillone le Shadowland a la recherche de décendent fraichement décéder de la famille ou de candidat a l'adoption. il n'est pas rare de voir des confrontation auprès de «cocoon» contenant une âme très priser entre différent Moisoneur.

on reconait un Patricier par ses Sandals faite de Styrgian Steel (la semelle) et de Soul Steel (les lanière) qui monte selon l'importance (de la cheville a la mi-cuisse selon le rang).

Certaine famille de Patricien son associer a une Légion et tente de choisir leur candidat dans la mentalité de la légion en question.

ce sont tout les laisser pour contre des Shadowland, ceux qui non pas eu la chance d'être «havester» par une des différent parti, ce son ceux qui fut banni de leurs parti ou qui on été justement «harvester» par une Moisoneur de la Plebe...

la grande majorité des âme du Shadowland font parti de cette caste et 70% des Renegat son en fait des Plébéien mécontant du systême

avec l'instigation des Loi de Charon et de la Hiérarchie par Charon pour aider les habitants des Shadowland a combattre le Vide (Oblivion), seul ceux servant la Hiérarchie et prônant ordre contre le chaos peuvent espérer ascendé et être conduit dans les Far Shore .. mais les rumeur sur c'est contré paradisiaque effraie plusieurs et c'est le rôle des Prêtres de les conduire vers la rédemption.

Les Moisoneures des Temples son les moins nombreux car avec la disparition de Charon (fin de la deuxième guerre mondiale) le support du Sénat envers le Cult de l'ascension diminue avec le passage du temps.

Les Status Social (rang)
tout comme dans notre socièté, celle des mort n'est pas différente, avec le passage du temps ou avec des évènement spécial, les âme gagne en puissance et en status.

ce sont les âmes des défunt récent, il son couvert de leurs enveloppe ectoplasmique qui les empêche de bien voir mais aussi de bien réfléchir, ils sont comme dans une brûme et ne comprenne pas trop ce qui se passe. ils demeuron ainsi jusqu'a ce qu'il trouve la force de ce sortir de leur «caul» ou qu'il soient «Harvester»

un drone est un fantôme qui habite la pluspart des site hanté, ils on perdu a leur mort toute identité et toute volonté, il ne peuvent que recréer les évênement qui on conduit a leur mort et un endroit ou plusieur Drone son mort est souvent considérer comme une mine d'or pour un Moisoneur car les Drone son transformer,vendu, ou tout simplement «diablerisé» pour gagner du pouvoir.

Ce sont les esclave des Shadowland, capturer,vendu ou puni, ils doivent servir pour un temps (qui peut être une millénaire). ils son les plus misérable des âmes car il ne peuvent rien faire de leurs propre chefs.

La grande majorité des Âme son des lemmure, des âme qu'on as retirer leur Caul et qu'il forme la base de la société des Shadowland, ils son souvent très jeune et peuvent toujours voyager dans les Shadowland.

ce son les Âmes que leur point encrage fut détruit par le temps ou la violence, ils doivent rester dans Styrgia ( ou toute autre Nécropole) et ne peuvent plus voyager, confiner entre les mur de la Nécropolis, ils s'emploie a travailler pour la Hiérarchie.

Une des tactic des renegat pour contrecarré les agisement de Certain fantôme puissant c'est de détruite les point encrage (Fetter) de ceux ci qui empêche donc les Âme de leur enemies des poursuive dans les Shadowland

Bruler les osement d'un fantôme détruit généralement son point encrage et l'oblige a retourner dans la Nécropolis la plus proche

ce son de vielle Âme qui on conserver leur point Ancrage et qui on parcouru le Shadowland de long et de large, il son même visité les Far Shore et en son revenue. Ils son très respecter et les gens on peur d'eux.

certain on aquis une grande puissance en «dévorant» des Drone ou des Thrall et en son marquer

aussi appeler Dominus, ils sont en charge de chaque Légion et donc son au nombre de 8, ce son les dirigeant de Styrgia et les maitre en l'abscence de Charon

lorsque l'un d'eux est vaincu, un successeur prend sa place et garde toujours le même nom..

Les Rang des Légion
En plus d'avoir un status social, une Âme ayant rejoint une Légion recoit son grade... il est a noté qu'on peut avoir une Âme Lemures Patricienne, Légionaire de la Grim Légion...

un barghest est une âme (souvent un condaner ou un drone) qui fut transformer en chein de l'ener fantômatique pour servire de force de choc au Légion. le barghest a une laisse de Styrgian Steel et ne répond qu'au porteur de celle ci.. il peuvent traquer les «enfant» de la Légion et son généralement accompagne de Moisoneur

les légionaire son soient des Thrall de la Légion ou des Lemure car ils son assigné a patrouiller les Shadowland ou son affecter a différente casern dans les Nécropole selon les besoin

il se son démarquer des rangs des Légionaire et son désormait au commande des patrouilles. La grande majorité son toujours des Lemure mais ceux qui son assigné a rester dans les Nécropole son souvent des Domens

les marchal son responsable de certain domain a l'extérieur des Nécropole et son responsable aussi de plusieur patrouilles.. ils son souvent de jeune Gaunt qui son très respecter et craint a la fois.

ils son des Marshal qui on très bien réussis et son en charge des citadels

les assistant des Anacreon, il coordone les effort de la légion dans une cité il son les bras droit des Anacreon

le poste le plus haut dans une Légion, chaque Nécropolis est gouverner par le conseille des 7 Anacreon (car la Fate Legion ne s'implique pas dans la politique) et ils son les autaurité principale de la légion sous le Deathlord ou Dominicus

Aut pax aut bellum : Either peace or war

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Nombre de messages : 2273
Age : 42
Date d'inscription : 18/02/2007

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MessageSujet: Re: Shadowland et les Wraith   Dim 23 Déc 2012 - 23:34

The Emeral Legion

Name: Emerald Legion
Nicknames: Victims of Happenstance
Deathlord: Emerald Lord
Headquarters: Seat of Thorns
Cause of Death: Accidental, acts of God

Regular Job
The Emerald Legion runs their civilian branches like businesses, including the best "customer service" you will receive in the Shadowlands. When dealing with the Hierarchy, it is known the best and most pleasant way is to work with an Emerald Legion member.
In spite of their reputation for innovation, their military branch remains remarkably old-fashioned, almost to the point of inefficiency. As a result, the Emerald Legion lacks the strong military presence many of the other Legions have. While there are a few working smaller branches, the main army, nicknamed the Old Soldiers, are full of squabbling between commanders as attempts to revamp the army butt heads with tradition.

Legion Culture
When it comes to efficiency and dependability, the Emerald Legion wins hands down. Despite the erratic and unusual natures of their death, the Emerald Lord has figured out how to build a working organization with many types of individuals. Upon joining the Legion, each Emerald has the Emerald Values, a code of four rules, drilled into their heads. Those who do not remember and uphold the Values are not much longer for the Emerald Legion.
The Values emphasize innovation and unusual thinking above doing a task correctly or successfully. As the wraiths of the Emerald Legion have the flexibility to work out solutions that suit them, the Emerald Legion is one of the smoothest running operations in the Shadowlands. Some Legion leaders, called Assessors, are known to twist these rules to rule over their Legion with fear rather than interest. While these sections of the Legions are frowned on, little or nothing is done to deter them from interpreting the Values in this manner.

Members of the Emerald Legion do have one thing in common, in spite of the varied nature of their deaths; they all have extremely strong ties to their Fetters, as the unexpected nature of their deaths left them with more unfinished business than the average wraith. Sadly, few Emerald Legion members actually manage to Transcend for this reason as well.

The Emerald Legion also puts a strict limit on the number of souls the soulforge. They believe as long as a soul has a useful mind and Corpus, there is a use for it somewhere other than as an inanimate object.

Allies and Enemies
The Emerald Legion, because of their organization and efficiency, see themselves above the other Legions. If there is any Legion they are close to, it is the Legion of Paupers; many Paupers died of acts unknown and seem to hold a similar attitude those of the Emerald Legion.
In contrast, the Emerald Legion loathes the Grim Legion and the Skeletal Legion for the sheer number of souls they process in soulforging. Likewise, the Emerald Legion also resents the Legion of Fate for not sharing information with them, especially the information on why they had to die in the first place

Guardians of the Labyrinth
These wraiths, supposedly appointed by Charon himself, watch over the Veinous Stair, preventing Spectres and other nasties from entering. They lack the free-thinking attitude of the rest of the Emerald Legion, but they get the job done.

Order of Archimedes' Bathtub
Made up of those who invented in life, the Order is constantly dreaming up new devices to assist the Emerald Legion in their war on Oblivion.

Green Teams
Green Teams are the "welcome wagons" of Stygia and the Reapers of the Emerald Legion. When a major accident or incident occurs that results in large numbers of deaths, such as a plane crash, landslide, or other disaster. They are welcoming and friendly, and take the opportunity of these Enfants' reapings to tell them all about the wonderful Emerald Legion, who helped and saved them from the pull of Oblivion. They have received much criticism from others for their horrifically sugary propaganda.

The Emeral Lord

The Emerald Lord is master of the Emerald Legion, the victims of Happenstance. There are at least two Emerald Lords in Stygian history. The first (also known as Smaragdus, from the Latin for "emerald") was a venal and conservative politician who ran the legion for his own personal enrichment. Smaragdus' legion was inefficient, corrupt and dedicated to lining its own pockets at every level of the hierarchy.

During the Great War, Smaragdus initially aligned with the Smiling Lord out of pure self-interest. When the Smiling Lord started to lose, he dropped the lord like a hot nihil and joined the Loyalist side. Smaragdus was eventually taken down after doublecrossing the Monitors Guild; after the end of the War, they took out all of his close contacts until he was driven from the Legion by his own Anacreons.

After the Great War, the Emerald Legion is known for its forward thinking and independent character. This Emerald Lord (either a replacement or the result of some really creative personality restructuring) places a heavy emphasis on the independence of his legion and the adoption of new ideas, making the Emerald Legion one of the most efficient and well-adjusted organization in Stygia.

The Seat of Thorns
The Seat of Thorns is the palace of the Emerald Lord and the headquarters for the Emerald Legion. It glows with the brilliance of thousands of bright green soulfire crystals on the building itself, making it stand out among the dreary grays and blacks of Stygia and the Shadowlands. Each crystal is charged with enough energy to send a wraith straight into a Harrowing. Surrounding the beauty is a half-mile thick tangle of sentient thorns that protect the palace from intruders and form a thick armor over the building in the event of a siege. In the event of an all-out war between the Deathlords, the Emerald Legion will be well-protected indeed.

The beauty extends to inside the building where more soulfire crystals sparkle in the corridors and rooms. The interior crystals are charged with Pathos, and are as capable of the exterior ones of destroying anything that touches them. Throughout the building are also specially-made mirrors. These mirrors can reflect the past of the viewer, showing them where fate decided to take them out. However, they can also be altered to reflect fears, failures, and misdirection.

Aut pax aut bellum : Either peace or war
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Nombre de messages : 2273
Age : 42
Date d'inscription : 18/02/2007

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MessageSujet: Re: Shadowland et les Wraith   Dim 23 Déc 2012 - 23:53

The Legion Of Fate

Name: Legion of Fate
Nicknames: Hand of Fate, The Doomed
Deathlord: The Ladies of Fate
Headquarters: Isle of Eurydice
Cause of Death: Several

Regular Jobs
The members of the Legion of Fate are primarily trained and used as mediators and peacemakers in disputes between major organizations throughout Stygia. They also have some of the most skilled warriors and military units to be found anywhere in the Shadowlands; these bands are always in demand by the Hierarchy. However, there are always a small number of them located at the Isle of Eurydice to protect the headquarters of the Legion.

Legion Culture
The smallest of the eight Legions and the only one not united by a common cause of death (with the slight exception of the Legion of Paupers), the Legion of Fate is composed of individuals who are seen by the Ladies of Fate and the Oracles who work with them as being important in the grand scheme of things. If anything, most members of the Legion of Fate seem to have a heroic aspect to their death, although there are a few whose deaths are neither remarkable nor desirable.
Deathmarks among these Legion members are unusually defined and bright, and many were visible to the dead before they crossed the Shroud. Many are marked by symbols akin to those of wisdom, infinity, and/or balance.

Allies and Enemies
For all their fighting and squabbling over spirits, no Reaper with any other Legion will interfere with a Reaper from the Legion of Fate once they have chosen an Enfant. Although there is some resentment from the Deathlords as the Legion of Fate seems to be claiming the pick of the litter, they know better than to interfere in the affairs of the Lady of Fate.
The Legion of Fate rarely involves itself in the politics of Stygia; it has a more important task ahead of it. Though representatives will attend meetings, they rarely vote or hold any influence.

Order of the Scarlet Sword
The members of this order seek out the corrupt or Shadow-eaten members of the Legion so it can operate smoothly. Due to the tightly-knit nature of the Legion, this can be an arduous task. Members of this order are highly gifted in Moliate, and there are rumors they may even have connections with the Masquers Guild
Order of the Silver Hammer
The soulforgers of the Legion of Fate, these smiths rely more on Spectres and Drones for material than the average wraith. They hold the secrets to creating Doomed Stygian steel, which has a black, glossy appearance. The products the Silver Hammer crafts are of the highest quality and greatly sought after items that provide much of the Legion of Fate's income.

Other Information
One bit of lore that persists in the Shadowlands is that the Lady of Fate holds Charon's mask; it went missing after he disappeared, and while the Deathlords would like the other Legions to think they possess it, in truth, they are as clueless as to its whereabouts as the average Freewraith. There have been Hierarchy investigations, even going so far as to ask the Legion of Fate to open the Isle of Eurydice to inspection. The Ladies of Fate have turned down their requests several times and show no sign of allowing those not with their Legion to set foot on their Seat.

Lady of Fate
The second woman, the first Wraith, the mother of Caine and the most powerful and enigmatic figure in the Underworld, the Lady of Fate is the imperatrix of the Legion of Fate and an independent power unto herself.
The Lady chose Charon, naming him and charging him to guide the souls of the dead from the Underworld and into transcendence. Throughout Charon's reign, she served as an oracle and seer, providing him counsel (and occasionally confession). The Lady is close to a religious figure in the Underworld, her mandate gave Charon right to rule the western dead, and as a sign of respect gave her the Isle of Fate and the Legion that bears her name.

Following the Sixth Great Maelstrom, her fate is unknown, although she made elliptical comments about going to see what her son was doing.

The Ladies of Fate
The Ladies of Fate are the Deathlords in charge of the Legion of Fate and the servants of the Lady of Fate. Although the Ladies of Fate speak as the representatives of their Legion, there is little doubt that the true leader of the Legion of Fate is the fabled Lady.

The Ladies of Fate are known for their appearance; they appear in identical forms, to prevent outsiders from taking advantage of a single member. Many note that they bear a strong resemblance to their leader, leading to rumors that the actual Lady of Fate has fallen into Oblivion and that they take turns impersonating her. Some dispute that the Ladies are even Moliated; instead they believe the Ladies to be a form of Plasmic. Others, those who do not trust the Lady of Fate as all, believe the Ladies to be straightforward Spectres, tricking the wraiths in the Legion into working for Oblivion.

Ladies can speak individually, in behalf of the Legion, but more often gather into groups to discuss their course of action. The exact number of Ladies is unknowable, both due to their replicated forms and the fact they remain aloof from everyone, including members of their own Legion. There is generally agreed to be at least three Ladies of Fate at any given time, though more have been spotted.

Seat of Fate
The Isle of Eurydice serves as the Seat of Fate, the headquarters for the Legion of Fate, as well as their leaders the Ladies of Fate, and the eminent Lady of Fate. The Isle is unique among the Seats of the Legions as it is the only one not located in Stygia itself.

The island itself is rocky and difficult to approach, making it a natural fortification for the Legion of Fate. Spectres are constantly drawn to the Isle, the only settled wraith civilization for miles around; the Legion uses these Spectres to train Legion members in fighting and as material for the forges.

A large, sprawling mansion in the Iberian style, the Seat of Fate nonetheless manages to remain one with the island it rests on. Most notable are the trees that grow in the many courtyards of the building; these trees are the only growing wood in the Dark Kingdom of Iron and, along with the reeds along the River of Death, are one of the few sources of paper in the Underworld. Also produced here is the precious Doomed Stygian Steel, a rare material for making weapons and armor. The rooms continue down well underneath the Seat, eventually merging into the Labyrinth itself.

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the Silent Legion

Name: Silent Legion
Nicknames: The Quiet
Deathlord: Quiet Lord
Headquarters: Seat of Silence
Cause of Death: Suicide

Who can join?
To say that the Silent Legion only includes suicides is actually simplifying things a bit. The primary factor in deciding a potential Silent Legion member rests, like all other Legions, in a recruits Deathmarks. Members of the Silent Legion show marks indicating great Despair in general, of a life ended in utter hopelessness. Martyrs, assisted suicides, those who fast for a cause, and others can also be inducted into the Legion.

Regular Jobs
Smallest of the Legions (aside from the Legion of Fate), the Silent Legion is primarily military in its operations, working to help defend Stygia and its associated Necropoli from the push of Oblivion. Like all branches of the Hierarchy, the Legion also works in intelligence, gathering information to use against fellow Legions as well as their Spectral enemies.
Possibly because of the nature of their deaths, the Silent Legion has a disproportionately large number of members who are gifted in Castigate. Because of their gifts, the Silent Legion also acts as the emotional counselors of the Hierarchy, helping other Legionnaires through their own depression.

Legion Culture
The Silent Legion is unusual from its fellow Legions for a number of reasons. First and foremost are the disproportionate number of members who commit "second suicide". Many Legion members end up turning the despair in their lives into despair in death. The most common method is by throwing themselves into the Tempest, where they will eventually drift into the Void of Oblivion or be torn apart by Spectres. The truly disparate will offer themselves for soulforging, but this is rare, and many wonder if those who take this route shouldn't have been in the Penitent Legion instead.

Along with Castigate, an uncommon number of Silent Legion members have Lifeweb. As many seek to resolve their Fetters as soon as possible to disassociate themselves from their bad memories and Transcend, this is not altogether surprising. In fact, many Silent Legion members have resolved at least one Fetter. To do so usually requires contact with the living; the Quiet Lord has turned a blind eye towards his charges so that they may stabilize themselves without fear of punishment for violating the Dictum Mortuum. No Legion may interfere with the living more than the Silent Legion, although the Iron Legion comes in as a close second.

Allies and Enemies
Among the Legions, the Silent Legion counts the Legion of Paupers and the Emerald Legion as their closest allies. The wraiths of these Legions are perhaps the two types most in need of the counseling services of the Quiet, and offer their services gladly to them.

In contrast, there has been a long running rivalry with the Penitent Legion. The Laughing Lady continuously argues that those who end their own lives are mad, and therefore should fall under her sway. Likewise, the Smiling Lord argues that ending one's life early is a form of violence against oneself, and that suicides should be in his charge. The other Legions have kept these three from gaining any ground over the other in the argument; thus, the Silent Legion continues to exist as an entity by itself rather than being incorporated into one of the larger Legions.

Warriors of Lethe
The shock troops of the Silent Legion, the Warriors of Lethe are akin to the kamikaze pilots of World War II. They hope to find Oblivion, but not before taking a piece of it with them. While members rarely survive for a second battle, the devastation they cause is terrific, making them one of the most effective groups of fighters in the Shadowlands.

The Band of Quixote
Mostly composed of the civilian members of the Silent Legion, as well as a few select members of other Legions, the Quixoteans (also called Mittys), seek adventure in death that they did not have in life.

Angels of Angst
Composed of teenagers who ended their lives, these Quiet are less of a formal group and more of a label. Most Silent Legion members "grow" out of this group as they begin contributing more to wraithly society.

Bleak Legion
The Silent Legion of Russia and Eastern Europe, this division of the Quiet is one of the most powerful forces in the region. Contact with them has been sporadic as of late, however, and those who investigate have found entire Necropoli abandoned.

The Ten Thousand
An all-volunteer organization, the Ten Thousand are wraiths who served and died in foreign lands. Because of their experience fighting in life, they are one of the most respected divisions of the Stygian army in death.

Other Information
The Silent Guild was the only division of the Hierarchy opposed to the Breaking of the Guilds, possibly because of their close relationship with the Pardoners Guild and the Monitors Guild. Some Quiet are actually members of both, though this fact is unknown to many outside of the Legion.

The Quiet Lord
The Quiet Lord is a Deathlord of Stygia, and the head of the Silent Legion, those who chose to bring death to themselves by suicide.
The Quiet Lord lives up to his name, as he is the most secretive of the Deathlords and little is known about him. It is known he is in a constant struggle with the Laughing Lady, who constantly attempts to subsume members of his Legion into her Penitent Legion. She argues that those who kill themselves have surrendered to a form of madness and should go to her; so far, the Quiet Lord has fought off her claims and continues to rule over the Silent Legion unopposed.

The Seat of Silence
The Seat of Silence is the palace for the Quiet Lord and the headquarters for the Silent Legion. The building has a simple, orderly beauty which servers as the counterpoint for the inner turmoil of many of its residents.
In contrast to the maddening laughter heard outside the Seat of Succor, the outside of the Seat of Silence has a maddening quiet. The tall and beautiful spires of the palace are bent over as if weeping for those within. Most of the time, they are swallowed up by an almost cemetary-like gloom, complete with fog and fading light. The outside of the Seat is not a place most wraiths choose to go to spend a pleasent day out.

The inside is where the noise is; constant wailing and crying is heard throughout the halls of the Seat. These expressions vanish down long hallways that absorb the sound so they can never echo back. The cries are not illusions or memories; they are actual Silent Legion members working out their grief over their final, fatal choice. Those who can stop the tears will recieve counciling from Legion Pardoners.

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Shadowland et les Wraith
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